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Permanent Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi

Ideally before doing removal we should analyze the patients for the type of the skin one is having, type of the hair follicle, and coarseness, depth and density of the hair follicle. Nowadays it is done for both males and females for cosmetic or aesthetic reason very commonly. In most of the cases, in case of females hormonal levels are normal and they are getting laser only for the aesthetic reason.

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment procedure for unwanted hair removal, the type of laser used and intensity is dependent on your skin colour type and the area of the body.

Laser Hair reduction should be done only after the complete investigation in case of females suffering from hirsutism after ruling out the cause of unwanted hair. in all cases whether it is male and female one should choose the laser as per the thickness of the hair, colour of your skin and skin sensitivity.

What is Laser Hair removal process?

For medical purposes in case of females we should analyze complete hormonal essay. We should look for Hirsutism and check whether family history of Hirsutism is there or not. We must check for PCOD or request the patient to take an endocrinologist opinion before taking .
Whether it is reduction is it permanent hair removal.

How helpful is the laser hair removal?

Ideally it is only laser hair reduction which will help you to reduce the coarseness and density of your hair follicle in multiple session programmers and it may not be permanent. You may have to take sessions once or twice in a year for maintance. There are varieties of lasers which are used for laser hair reduction or removal ranging from intense pulse light (IPL), Nd-yag long pulse, diode and alexandrite .

In Indian skin Nd-yag laser suits the best which spears the epidermis and targets the hair follicle only. In one session one can feel approximately 15-20% reduction of coarseness or the density.
Diode laser can be used for Indian skin having cool tips or cooling devices attached to them which make the laser a painless process. That is the reason we nowadays call it painless laser hair reduction. IPL’S are generally used for the white skin people. It can cover a bigger area because of the bigger spot size and it gives no burning to the skin if dose and cooling is given in a proper manner and it gives an excellent results.

Who should opt for laser hair removal or reduction?

In case of males it is only for the aesthetic reasons. Some males are having thick follicle over their upper cheek area and the brows unite together to form a uniform brow. In such cases it can be utilized for the aesthetic purposes.

Some males are having excessive growth over chest and the back. In these cases we do it for the cosmetic reasons not for the medical reason.

In case of females we should be not in hurry in taking the procedurel. Let the puberty set in. sometimes after the age of 18-21, growth becomes stable and is manageable with your routine aesthetic process.

If you’re having thick coarse hair over your chin, side burns, in between chest and upper abdomen then you must consult a dermatologist. Get your complete hormonal essay to be checked up and once the hormonal level.

Bikini area, abdomen and sometimes full body or face in which Hirsutism is not present. Medically they are normal, we do it for aesthetic reason. Multiple sessions are required which will depend upon case to case, type of the skin and most important thing hormonal changes client is passing through.

Requirements before laser hair removal

We should not wax, pluck or epilate or remove follicle with any methodology whether it is waxing, removal cream, mechanical epilation, bleaching is contra indication at least 4 to 5 weeks before the procedurel.


It is a very simple painless procedure; time consumed depends upon the area to be treated and number of passes given. There is no down time; one can join the office or duties just after the procedure. Generally shaving or cutting of the hair follicle is done before starting the laser hair reduction. In most of the laser no numbing cream is required as all are painless.

Post procedure care No threading, bleaching and waxing are to be done. One should apply a thick layer of calamine over the treated area. In exposed area SPf 30 to 50 can be applied which should be PA+++ at least 3 to 4 times a day as per the skin type

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