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Biostimulation Therapy

Therapeutic biostimulation of hair laser therapy is safe, simple, cost effective latest non invasive technology for hair growth with satisfying results.

We offer advanced latest anagen laser biostumulation to stimulate hair for men and women without any side effect.

Best centre for laser hair re-growth photobiostiumulation to improve the density quality and coarseness of hair follicle

benifits of Biostimulation
What is Biostimulation Therapy

Hair biostimulation also known as Laser hair regrowth therapy ,biostumulating soft laser,photobiostimulation, Low energy laser therapy it or laser caps or safe laser light therapy works best in hair thinning and as an adjunct in pattern baldness. there are different types laser lights which can penetrate the scalp to promote hair regrowth by biostumulation like He- neon, fractional Er-glass or laser emitting diode & IR diodes in form of hand units

How Hair Biostimulation works

Biostimulating therapeutic low energy laser works by realasing light photons energy in the dermis and thus stimulating the dermal metabolism improve dermal blood circulation of scalp by new capillary formation/lneo vascularization add providing nutrition to the hair roots increase the formation of new anagen hair growth and prevent it from going to early falling / telogen phase multiple laser emitting diodes of desired wave length of 632 – 669 red and infra red IR diodes are effective in therapeutic energy. -

Use of Hair Biostimulation

-Diffuse hair fall in men and women

Hair thinning problem

-As an adjuvant in early male pattern hair loss problem

- Frontal female pattern hair thinning along with other modalities

-In chronic telogen effluvium

- To stimulate hair growth on crown and improve hair line

Benefits of Biostimulation

-It has no side effect

-It is a simple procedure without any pain

- Therapeutic Procedure is for both men and women

-Cost effective with no down time

-Improves quality growth and density of hair

-Can be used as an adjutant therapy along with other treatments

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